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Susan Matthews, Solo Albums:

Siren_Wire69sleeve-small    SirenWire69, 2005

BRUISERsleevepic  Bruiser, 2006

hope-boundfront-websmall  Hope-Bound, 2007

TSAsleevepromopicweb-1  The Silent Architect, 2007

AV01web  Axis vein, 2008

shadowwalkerweb  In Search Of The Shadow Walker,

-_Whispering_Voidwebsmall   The Whispering Void,

Aloneinthefrontsmall  Alone In The Midnight Ocean,

AKisswebfrontsmall        A Kiss For The Umbrella Man,

SW100_Talesfrontsmall  Tales From The Forbidden Garden, 2012

raw_sonata_web_small  Raw Sonata, 2012,  More info…

monsters_front_web_small  Monsters (End Game),  More Info…

In The Fragile Now (Coming soon…)


Susan Matthews, Solo eps:

Botanical Rites, 2005

Tiny Grief, 2006

Lost Sorrows,

Silent Variations, 2007

The Cartography Of Fear, 2008

Prague Soundtrack,

Autumnal Abduction,

Void Moon,

The Sea Breathes,

A Midwinter Prelude,

Tidal Limbs,


From Veliko,

Stand The Blows,

Return to Veliko,

Brutal Fractures, 2017

End Of The Want, 2017


Susan Matthews, Compilations:

The Garden Mix,


Temporal Echoes,


Here Comes The End Of The World, 2017


Harme (Clint Newton & Susan Matthews)


The Place Of Limitless Echoes

Ashes Of The Soul

Crashing On An Unnamed Island


Susan Matthews & Rainier Lericolais

Homothetique Ricochet

When the Ghosts Are Within These Walls


Before I Was Invisible


Susan Matthews & Clutter

Slow Corrosion

Silence Alight

Ships Will Leave


Other Collaborations:

Susan Matthews & Alistair Crosbie, Summer’s joy rekindled

Susan Matthews & Richard Moult, Music For Two Pianos,

The Window Tappers,

Black Letters For The Lilies,



Susan Matthews & Marco Lucchi, River Moon, ep


Susan Matthews & The Dead Mauriacs, I Closed My Eyes To Name The Silence, album

Susan Matthews, Christophe Havot, Annemarie Borg, L’empreinte de nos Regards, album & book

Various Artists, Motion.Silence.Echo, compilation