‘Since her early work, Susan has been poking nerve endings with poetic laments, ghost voices, and industrial noise. She’s successfully combined fragmented conversations with broken music, and desolate pianos with quietly ominous electronic tones to create soundscapes with astonishing emotional complexities.

Intensely personal, projecting hope and trauma in equal measure,her music tangles the brutal with the fragile in a forbidding texture of sound that penetrates on so many levels at once, it’s like being touched by a ghost.

Right now she’s out on her own and way ahead of the pack. You can’t pigeon hole her material. You could say it’s part Eraserhead, part fairytale, part domestic horror story, but you’d only be scratching the surface. Susan is not currently playing by anyone else’s rules and the result is unique and brilliant’

Dan Schaffer (writer/artist: DogHouse, Dog Witch, The Scribbler)

Susan Matthews is a UK based composer/musician, known for her intense, ambitious, hypnotic harmonies and industrial noise creations. She began composing experimental music, described by da/73 as ‘…dazzling abstractions of grace and beauty’, in 1999 and has developed a comprehensive CV of achievements, including gallery works, festival inclusions, artist residencies, live performances, film soundtracks and radio airplay, both home and abroad.

In 2005 she founded the independent record label Siren Wire Recordings and has also recorded music for Tursa, Apollolaan, Sonic Oyster Records, Earth Monkey Productions, Wild Silence, Pilot Eleven and d/a73.

An ardent collaborator, she has successfully worked with many of her favourite artists including Tony Wakeford (as Window Tappers), Rainier Lericolais, Clint Newton (as Harme), Clutter, The Dead Mauriacs, Ian Holloway, Thorsten Soltau (as Black Letters For The Lilies), Alistair Crosbie, Richard Moult, M, Yokna Patofa, Nick Grey, Damon Shulman and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo.

In 2010 she launched Siren Wire Editions an independent record label specialising in hand made limited editions of music by carefully selected experimental artists from around the globe.