Radio Prague

Release Date: 25th October, 2019

Limited Edition of 50. Cdr in hand-made ‘envelope’ style full colour card sleeve

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Listen to:  Déchu (live)

Video for: Le cità invisibili

More music by Radio Prague: Radio Prague @ Bandcamp



Were you an angel?
You were chasing us on your wooden legs
Golden twilight of the idols of the night
The power over 24 moments
Were you an angel?
Starlette knows how to hold her horses
Her burnt legs, one at a time
The vulgar and powerful faces of Stone

Were you an angel?
Behind death the big trunks
Zoophile repentance
Lick that delicious one again.
Ring the angels
Kill the perfumes
Clean the fumes

Stars scum hands temples

Were you an angel?
It was the watch time
Give up mouth wait for mouth
abandon orifice.wait for orifice
Yellow iris
In a time of concern
Their seventh star is close to the hour
The happy and devoted sardine servant
Phreatic. Voracious and concerned
Excavator of inhuman crowds
Thousands of galleries
Go back to the past
Wine invades the nostrils, the lungs



After a few solo concerts in the early 1980’s in southern Belgium, Didié Nietzsche, aka Radio Prague, moved to Huy where he met Jules Nerbard a.k.a Shri Nerbard Petit Jr., who became the second permanent member of the group.

Radio Prague then actively participated in the “mail art” movement, through cassette-labels such as Insane Music, Home Produkt, The Sound of Pig, etc.

The group then acquired more conventional instruments, welcomed new members, and took a more commercial orientation (Electro Body Music) which (unfortunately?) did not really succeed: an album was recorded but never distributed.

The group split up and Didié moved on to other projects, including Nietzsche, a neurasthenic electro-punk group, where Jules Nerbard also played bass (album “Dieu est mort, nous sommes Nietzsche” and numerous concerts in Brussels, Dour, Nandrin, Francofolies de Spa, etc.)

Jules Nerbard, for his part, joined Les Tricheurs, MFS and 48 Cameras

Radio Prague reformed at regular intervals, for concerts or participation in the “A Tribute to Soulseekers” website, in the form of music or videos.

In 2015, participation in the compilation cassette “cassette art”, on the occasion of City Sonic, by remixing the first track of the very first cassette produced by the band.

Didié Nietzsche joins 48 Cameras, where he meets Renata Kambarova, a flutist with a classical background (also member of Ensemble Fractales) . They decide to join forces within Radio Prague.
In 2016, the band participates in the “Digital Echoes” exhibition at the Mons Fine Arts Museum, on the sidelines of the exhibition “First videographers Terry Fox-Bill Viola”.

Renata Kambarova: flute, singing, fx
Jules Nerbard: bass, electronics
Didié nietzsche: singing, electronics

Clara Engel Cover

Minimalist avant-blues hymns originally recorded for solo guitar and voice, with contributions from musicians around the world. 

Track Listing:

  • Swans
  • Uneasy Spirit
  • Swallow Me
  • I Love An Evil Queen
  • Once A White Owl

Listen to Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss at Clara’s Bandcamp page:

Release Date: 7th September, 2018

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“The space inhabited by this album acts as a power centre of intersecting ley-lines of disembodied stories that whisper into the ear of the listener. The characters weave through the shadows of the space, desiring to be heard. Also intersecting here in this quiet space are the traditions born in the Mississippi Delta and the Ozark mountains, feeding a powerful, slow burning creation. It is within the economy with which every aspect is built that repeated listens reveal the treasures contained in the songs.”
– Intravenous Magazine

“Pero en suma, Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss constituye un álbum majestuoso que, imperturbable, ahonda en un viaje reflexivo y catártico sin igual, signo de una honestidad sin contemplaciones y un esfuerzo compositivo despampanante. Increíble.”
– Hijos de Saturno

“Mysteriös, verführend und unheimlich – die Musik von Clara Engel fühlt sich überall da zu Hause, wo auch Spinnen ihre Fäden ziehen und Kerzen die kalten Steinmauern erhellen. Ihre Lieder gleiten sanft durch verlassene Ballsäle, verhüllen sich in langen Kleidern aus Nebel und sinken langsam die Wirbelsäule hinab. Mit nur wenigen Mitteln lässt die Musikerin auf ihrer neusten EP “Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss” klare Stimmungsbilder entstehen und zelebriert die dunkelsten Seiten des Folk. Kuttenträger fühlen sich hier sofort heimisch.”
– 17408sound

“Each track is built around a slow, simple, repeating guitar line. Imagine this guitar as the sun with a galaxy of atmospheric noises, subtle percussion, synths, and stringed ambience trapped in its gravitational pull. The combined instruments provide gentle support for Clara’s rich and textured voice.”
– Evol Kween: The Musical

“Peut-être que les formes retenues par Clara Engel peuvent nous déstabiliser. Il n’y a pas de jeu de séduction en employant les moyens à la mode. Pas d’ornements inutiles, certains diraient minimalisme ou formes épurées. Le propos n’est pas de séduire, d’attirer le client mais de provoquer en nous des résonances profondes.”
– Music, Books, and Poems

 31291258134_3abc8b5b01_o 2.jpg
Photograph by Kim Hume
Clara Engel is an independent, multi-faceted artist and musician based in Toronto, Canada. Engel has independently recorded and released eleven albums, and collaborated with musicians and artists from the UK, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, Iran, and the US. Their music has been played on Italian National Radio, as well as BBC Radio 2, making it onto Tom Robinson’s show “BBC Introducing” on several occasions. It has been described as “folk noir,” “minimalist holy blues from another galaxy,” and “sung poetry.” Engel‘s voice and guitar stylings place them singularly on the genre-map, somewhere between avant-garde torch singer and gothic-blues artist. Influences span genres and media, amongst them are Vasko Popa, Virginia Woolf, Theodore Roethke, Jim Jarmusch, Arvo Part, Meredith Monk, Robert Johnson, Gillian Welch, and Jacques Brel.

Pefkin ‘Final Instar’
Catalogue No. SWE028, 2017
Elizabeth Veldon ‘It Would Melt In My Hand: Seven Haiku by Basho (And A Song Cycle)
Catalogue No. SWE027, 2016
The Blue Tree ‘Dark Moon: Burn/Shine’
Catalogue No. SWE026, 2016
Christophe Bailleau ‘My Darkest Friend My Heart’
Catalogue No. SWE025, 2015


SWE030 Radio Prague ‘Dechu’
SWE029 Clara Engel ‘Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss’
SWE028 Pefkin ‘Finalinstar’
SWE026 The Blue Tree ‘Dark Moon: Burn/Shine’ SOLD OUT
SWE025 Christophe Bailleau ‘My Darkest Friend My Heart’ SOLD OUT
SWE024 Thorsten Soltau & Marina Stewart SOLD OUT
SWE023 St Atom Heart ‘Blessed Light’ LIMITED COPIES LEFT
SWE022 St Atom Heart ‘Those Days’ LIMITED COPIES LEFT
SWE021 48 Cameras ‘Run Amok Run SOLD OUT
SWE020 Ian Holloway ‘Insomnia’ SOLD OUT
SWE019 Marzanna ‘Honey In A Goldmine’ SOLD OUT
SWE018 48 Cameras ‘From A River To A Hill’ SOLD OUT
SWE017 Rainier Lericolais ‘Ear Ly Nostalgie’ SOLD OUT
SWE016 Peter James ‘there is only now’ SOLD OUT
SWE015 Delphine Dora ‘A Stream Of Consciousness’ SOLD OUT
SWE014 The Dead Mauriacs SOLD OUT
SWE013 Empty Vessel Music ‘Catching The Blood Harvest’ SOLD OUT
SWE012 Matthew Shaw ‘Seatown’ SOLD OUT
SWE011 Andrew Paine & Alistair Crosbie ‘Headwaters’ SOLD OUT
SWE010 The Dead Mauriacs ‘Fictions’ SOLD OUT
SWE009 Fugue Satori ‘Subgenre’ SOLD OUT
SWE008 The Blue Tree ‘Manolaya’ SOLD OUT
SWE007 Richard Moult ‘Widgael Concerto’ SOLD OUT
SWE006 Brian Lavelle ‘Hyperboreans’ SOLD OUT
SWE005 The Dead Mauriacs ‘Un Hiver, Dans Les Rapides’ SOLD OUT
SWE004 Les Heures Creuses ‘Awakening’ SOLD OUT
SWE003 Beed and Fascia ‘The Pruning Remedy’ SOLD OUT
SWE002 Matthew Shaw ‘The Four Zoas’ SOLD OUT
SWE001 Andrew Paine ‘The Earth Remains Unshattered’ SOLD OUT