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  • NEW: Susan Matthews ‘Remnants Of A Fractured Host, Volume One: The Fear Inside’ (6th November, 2020) CD & Digital. Available:

The Fear Inside FRONT

  • NEW: Susan Matthews ‘Between The Dream And The Waking…’, ‘…There Is Hope’ (October, 2020) Double album. CD & Digital. Available:

Between The Dream And.. for bandcamp

There Is Hope - For bandcamp

  • NEW: Susan Matthews ‘Fisher of Men’ CD & Digital. Available: Bandcamp

Fisher of Men art bandcamp

  • NEW: Mirism ‘Mirisms’ (5th June, 2020) CD & Digital. Available: Bandcamp

Mirism artwork 1

  • NEW: Susan Matthews ‘I Am In Pieces, Can You Hold Me Together’ (12th March, 2020) CD & Digital. Available: Bandcamp

IAmInPieces front

  • NEW: Radio Prague ‘Déchu’ (25th October, 2019) Available: Store

Radio Prague

  • NEW: Susan Matthews ‘The Self-Harm Handbook’ (25th October, 2019) Available: Bandcamp

The Self-Harm Handbook

  • Clara Engel ‘Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss’ (7th September, 2018) Available: Store

Clara Engel Cover

  • Susan Matthews & Orfeo 5 ‘The Art Of Water’ on d/a73 Imprint. (November, 2018) Download only release of recordings from The Blast House performances, 2010 Available here: d/a73 Bandcamp

Art Of Water (artwork)


  • ‘The Will To Be’ Exhibition with Divergent Contemporary Art Collective, Carmarthen, Wales, June-July 2021



  • Online performance for da73 (date to be confirmed)
  • May 2020, ‘Dawns’ (cancelled due to Coronavirus)


  • 23rd October 2019, Nawr, BBC Hall, Swansea Studios


  • Susan Matthews ‘A Humaning Of The Universe’ (Wyrd Britain, 2020)
  • Peter James (New Album, Siren Wire Editions, 2020)
  • Annemarie Borg (New Album, Siren Wire Editions, 2020)
  • Clara Engel (Instrumental Album, Siren Wire Editions, 2020)
  • Susan Matthews ‘Remnants Of A Fractured Host, Vol.1’ (New Album, Siren Wire Recordings, 2020)

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