The Window Tappers, Wakeford/Matthews, Album, 2017

Track Listing:

  • Bruises
  • Blind
  • Gruinard Island
  • 30 Months Of Solitude
  • Toward The Lake
  • Only Tears
  • Numb
  • My Wish
  • I Can Bend Time For You
  • Well Done

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The Window Tappers is a collaboration between Tony Wakeford and Susan Matthews. They first worked together in 2008 when Susan recorded vocals for Tony’s solo album ‘Not All Of Me Will Die‘. She also contributed vocals to a number of songs on the 2017 single ‘The Last Man‘ and the 2018 album ‘Necropolis‘ by Tony’s band Sol Invictus.


Composed, Performed and Produced by Susan Matthews & Tony Wakeford

Recorded in London and Cydweli and Carmarthen, Wales

Sleeve design by Mark Ingram from a painting by Marc Beattie

The Window Tappers was released in 2017 by Siren Wire Recordings.

Catalogue Number: SW114

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