End Of The Want, ep, 2017

SW116 End Of The Want

End Of The Want is a one track ep

Released: December, 2017 by Siren Wire Recordings

Catalogue Number: SW116


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‘Buddhist philosophy extols the wisdom of eradicating desire. Reknowned psychologist Professor Marsha Linehan also addresses this theme as part of her ground-breaking therapy DBT when she advises against ‘fighting reality’.

Fighting reality is desiring things to be different from how they actually are. I’m not talking about things you can change, I’m referring to things it’s impossible to change. It’s wanting to change the past, wishing something hadn’t happened, wanting more money than you actually have etc. It’s holding onto anger, it’s saying ‘should’. Things ‘should’ be different, she/he shouldn’t have said/done that, I should have a better job, a bigger house etc

I’m guilty of it too. End Of The Want is a pledge to myself to accept reality fully and completely, to eradicate desire, to quit fighting reality’ Susan Matthews


Musically the sounds were created from a circuit bent Speak ‘n’ Math toy

Sleeve design by Mark Ingram from a photograp by Susan (taken in Port Talbot, Wales)