Fisher of Men, Album, 2020

Fisher of Men art bandcamp

Track Listing:

  • Fisher of Men
  • Untitled Thought No.3 (In Stillness)
  • Lamentation Waltz
  • In The Shadow Of The Earth
  • Mother of air
  • Son of Water
  • A Thought Made Flesh
  • The Silver Locket
  • Another Year of Letting Go

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‘At the start of this year I began working on two new projects. The first, ‘What The Darkness Takes’, is an album exploring my recent experience of breast cancer and the second is a follow up to ‘A Kiss For The Umbrella Man’, my tribute to Erik Satie.

In February/March I put both projects on hold to deal with the logistics of lockdown: shoring up my vintage clothing business, working out how to get food delivered (I’m high risk), coming to terms with not seeing my son for a long time and making sure he is safe.

When I recently returned to the music I discovered something new emerging: a personal & emotional response to the coronavirus crisis.

I perceive this Coronavirus as a ‘fisher of men’, randomly spreading, infecting, taking lives. Much of the album is improvised , recorded entirely during the UK lockdown. I live on a hill in Wales and my piano sits in front of a window overlooking the Towy Valley. As I play, I watch the sky, the birds, the clouds, the trees, the ambulances speeding to and from Glangwili Hospital… ‘Fisher Of Men’ is infused with both the sadness and hope of the collective trauma we are all experiencing’

Susan Matthews, 2020


Composed, Performed and Produced by Susan Matthews

Using: Roland FP-30 Digital Piano and Audacity software

Sleeve design by Mark Ingram, from a painting by Susan