The Place Of Limitless Echoes, Harme, Album, 2011

double album


The Place Of Limitless Echoes

We got a bunch of stuff in this week on the Sirenwire label which is run by Susan Matthews. It looks like interesting stuff so I grabbed a couple to check out. Harme is Susan and Clint Newton (who is a new name to me). Together they have forged this two disc set of experimental noodlings just for you. And you should be grateful that people out there are forging such partnerships purely to give you fresh ear sounds. This apparently is their second collaboration and though I’ve only heard the first disc (alas there’s not enough hours in the day) I can confirm it’s a goodie! On this playful set you get some strange electronics, lush acoustic guitars playing some delightfully simple yet effective melodies, plentyapiano, field recordings, choral voices, general weirdness and lots lots more. At times it reminds me a bit of Natural Snow Buildings with its simple folk musings but before you know what’s going on it goes a bit radio rental with some crazy Philip Glass style repetitive electronic noises. Strange rhythmical occurrences are surpassed by some vocal warbling and alien like noises. It’s a truly fascinating listen and one that not many people will ever get to hear I suspect as there’s only 50 of ’em. Nice work!

4 stars, by Phil, Norman Records, September 2011

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