Music For Two Pianos, Matthews/Moult, Album, 2011



Susan Matthews & Richard Moult
Music For Two Pianos
Sonic Oyster Records

A recent gem from the network of small musical publications in Britain is this collaboration between Matthews and Moult, who sat down to improvise delicate pieces for piano. Now, I don’t have the musicological education to be able to place the compositions that emerged from these sessions in terms of style or even tonality, but based on pure feeling they are delicate and subtle, and very satisfying to listen to. A bit like many of Moult’s solo piano works, the melodies on this album speak a unique language that is not directly referential or concrete. Sometimes they can set a mood of wonder or melancholy, but always at such an abstract level that they hold on to a certain mystic power. The seven tracks manage to hold on to a beautiful, calm flow for 45 minutes, and are highly recommended listening for anyone interested in experimental piano music. Sadly, this one was limited to a mere 50 copies on Sonic Oyster records, so you’ll either have to look for a second-hand or mailorder copy, or wait for volume 2, which I hope is in the works.

Evening Of Light, August 2011

Susan Matthews & Richard Moult
Music For Two Pianos
Sonic Oyster Records

Susan Matthews is a UK based composer/musician, known for her intense, ambitious, hypnotic harmonies and industrial noise creations: Richard Moult is a poet, painter and composer, and a member of Irish psych-folk band United Bible Studies.
‘Music For Two Pianos Vol 1’ is their first collaboration: a ‘classical’ transmission: personal, meaningful, emotive.
The playing is beautiful: the dynamics, tempo and expression of the music located somewhere between creative improvisatory deviation and the discipline of trained musical tradition.

Sonic Oyster Records, 2011

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