Homothetique Ricochet, Matthews/Lericolais, Album, 2008

Collaboration between Rainier Lericolais & Susan Matthews



Susan Matthews and Rainier Lericolais
Homothetique Ricochet

Homothetique Richochet (SIREN WIRE RECORDINGS SW79) is a collaboration she did with Parisian artiste Rainier Lericolais. This one is even more abstracted and distant, combining slow and wispy electronic modernist instrumentals with strange layers of whispered vocals. The titles, written in French, allude to certain uncomfortable aspects of human relationships such as ‘long dysfunctional silence’. If there’s an imaginary couple glimpsed in the interstices of this album, they’re having trouble controlling their darker passions and agonise for long hours as they strive to reach a state of honesty which most people spend their lives trying to avoid. Pretty heavy going, and I found it hard to grasp onto anything very tangible in these dreamy atmospheres, but the sound world created here is new and unusual.

Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector, November 2008

Susan Matthews and Rainier Lericolais
Homothetique Ricochet

I heard the Rainier collaboration last week and it’s fantastic. Rainier coerces Susan’s music and vocal samples towards a more European, sometimes jazzier sound, but without losing the intense personal nature of her work. While some of these mixes embellish her sound with a more extravagant style, others are sparse and get even closer to the bone, the different angle tapping a new vein and taking us deeper into Susan’s intimate psychological soundscape, and closer to Susan herself (or the projected idea of what she represents within the music). For any collaboration, you’ve got to admit that’s pretty remarkable.

Dan Schaffer, LiveJournal, September 2007


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