Music: Pen Pals 5: Flea Market

Susan has contributed to the latest in the Pen Pals series by Don Campau.

In Don’s words;

Pen Pals 5: Flea Market is a collaboration between Don Campau and several international musicians. It is the last in a series begun in 1988. These musicians provided backing tracks to which Don added lyrics, vocals and instruments’.

The album features: Don Campau with Achim Treu, Eric Hausmann, Greg Gray, Robin O’Brien, Chris Campau & Russ Njust, Eric Muhs, Dino DiMuro, & Robert Steadman, Nilos Eliot, Ray Carmen,Sam Maurer, James Hill, Tim Jones & Rob Kirtley, Heather Perkins, Amy Denio, Joe Newman, Susan Matthews, Russ Stedman, Forrest Fang, Charles Rice Goff III, Phillip B. Klingler, RP Collier, Tom Furgas, Daniel Barbiero.

Listen and download here: