Video & Music: The Red Cave Project

Art by David Wright Lagrone, 2022

The Red Cave project is a collaboration between Susan Matthews and Tessa Salt. The pair worked together to create a conceptual idea based around language and communication, what gets ‘lost in translation’, both literally and figuratively. What are the limitations of language, in what ways does it deteriorate? How do messages get muddled, twisted, altered, misinterpreted and distorted?

Painting by William Eggleton, 2022

We worked with numerous collaborators who provided paintings, voice recordings, artworks, stories, mind-maps, music… and we combined all of these elements, together with our own recordings and visual art into a final video/audio project which was premiered at Swansea School of Art, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, 4th March 2022

Collaborators included: Peter James, Don Campau, Klaudia Mróz, Gemma Salt, Lee Fryer, Mark Ingram, William Eggleton, David Wright Lagrone, Rhian Thomas, Rosie Eastwood, Huw Fuller, Marco Lucchi, Ioan Morris, James Roby, Jimmy Ingram, Kathy Salt, Mikey Williams, Thorsten Soltau, Olivier Prieur, Jan Mo, Diana Olivera, Anne Sønsthagen

Art by Don Campau, 2022
Painting by Tessa Salt, 2022

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