CD: Clara Engel ‘Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss’

Siren Wire Editions welcomes the hugely gifted Clara Engel to our roster. ‘Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss‘ showcases her beautiful voice and delicate melodies.

Clara Engel Cover

Described by Clara as ‘Minimalist avant-blues hymns originally recorded for solo guitar and voice, with contributions from musicians around the world’

Track Listing:

  • Swans
  • Uneasy Spirit
  • Swallow Me
  • I Love An Evil Queen
  • Once A White Owl

Listen to Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss at Clara’s Bandcamp page:

Release Date: 7th September, 2018

Available in a hand-made card ‘envelope’ style sleeve, with a lyric insert.

Strictly limited to 50 Copies

UK Order: Price £7.50 (includes shipping)

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International Order: Price £9.50 (includes shipping)

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