‘The Fear Inside’, album, 2020

The Fear Inside FRONT

Track Listing:

  • The Blood Harvest (The Fear Inside)
  • Butterflies (In Limbo)
  • My Name In Green Ginger
  • Slender Bridges
  • Keel Creatures
  • h.g.freak
  • My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth (Limitless Version)
  • Coiled
  • The Architect’s Demise (Alternate Version)
  • The Cartography Of Corrosion
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Over the past few years plans I’ve made have generally been thwarted by events beyond my control: unexpected bereavements, serious illness etc. The latest, a global pandemic has resulted in yet more abandoned plans (lost commissions, cancelled live performances etc) As an independent musician, it has hit me hard.

With no end in sight, I’ve chosen to focus my energies on new music projects (including my recently released albums ‘Fisher Of Men’ and ‘Between The Dream And The Waking… …There Is Hope’) and also on exploring my extensive archives. Over the past few months I have rediscovered an extraordinary amount of unreleased material: demos, remixes, ideas jotted on scraps of sheet music, unfinished recordings, unreleased songs etc.

My plan is to release as much of this material as possible over the coming months & years. I’m working on pulling the material together into a series of coherent albums, with complimentary material grouped together for a more cohesive listening experience.

The project is entitled ‘Remnants Of A Fractured Host’. Volume One ‘The Fear Inside’ focuses on an industrial/melodic noise sound-world with plenty of distortion and deep-diving melodies.

Susan, November, 2020

Composed, Performed and Produced by Susan Matthews
Extra Vocal on ‘The Architect’s Demise (Alternate Version’ by Hoel le Quenven
Sleeve photography by Fenn Ingram
Sleeve Design by Mark Ingram
Catalogue Number SW124
Siren Wire Recordings, 2020