Between The Dream And The Waking…, album, 2020

Between The Dream And.. for bandcamp

Track Listing:

  • The Silver Locket (In Suspended Consciousness)
  • Mother Of Air (A Perfect Moment)
  • Crushed (Between The Dream And The Waking)
  • Lamentation Waltz (A Slow Dance To Death)

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‘Between The Dream And The Waking…’ and it’s sister album ‘…There Is Hope’ were both completed towards the end of 2018. At this time, I had a quiet suspicion there was something very wrong in my body. I’d been to the Doctor to raise my concerns and she’d referred me to a specialist. I was waiting for an appointment and some tests and I was trying to prevent my imagination from straying too far towards the darkness.

I think of this as a nighttime album, a reflective, slightly anxious but somewhat hopeful exploration of a moment in my life.
A few weeks after it was completed I was diagnosed with cancer.

Susan Matthews, October, 2020

Catalogue Number SW122
Siren Wire Recordings, 2020
Composed, Performed and Produced by Susan Matthews, using Kimball upright acoustic Piano, Roland FP-30 Digital Piano and Audacity and GarageBand software
Sleeve photography by Fenn Ingram
Sleeve design by Mark Ingram