Motion.Silence.Echo, Various Artists, Album, 2011

remix album


Susan Matthews

I reviewed a Susan Matthews CD that came in recently which I thought was ace so I quickly nabbed this before anyone could get their germ-ridden paws on it. Apparently this two disc set has been four years in the making so you’d hope it’d be worth the wait. Some of her favourite artists have remixed her work and they include Nick Grey, Rainier Lericolais, Alistair Crosbie, Tony Wakeford, Andrew Paine, Tex La Homa, Clutter and a load of other folks. I find her style of experimental music very listenable and the remixers have largely kept this spirit intact whilst also staking their own territory. Electronics, piano and vocal samples are the main bread and butter here so if that scares you then run away! Having said that it’s all gone a bit beauty (ala Art of Noise) on the ‘M’ remix.  That’s a red herring though as the majority of it is electronics and drones along with vocal samples which make the experience a more gentle one. I wish more women made experimental music cos it makes my ears feel nice. On double discs for the time being until it runs out and turns into a single disc edition….

A Norman Records recommendation (16th November 2011) – (5 out of 5 stars)
Phil, Norman Records 16 November 2011

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