Music: Observation Point & Susan Matthews, Download

The debut collaboration between Susan and Observation Point, La Dérive (The Drift) explores the arcane mythology surrounding 18th Century Architect Nicholas Hawksmoor and his esoteric designs for six London churches. Popular culture (most notably Alan Moore’s graphic novel ‘From Hell’) portrays Hawksmoor’s churches as sited along geometric patterns or leylines, creating a form of ‘psychogeography’ -the specific effects of the geographical environment consciously organised to affect the emotions and behaviour of individuals.

Released May 5, 2023 

Observation Point: atmospheres, synths, guitars 
Susan Matthews: voices, pianos, spirit ambience 

Robert Seymour: baritone ukulele and low D whistle on ‘Woolnorth’ 

Produced and mastered at Maes-y-Graig Studio, Monmouthshire 

Cover art by Antony Thomas  

Available for listening and download from: