Music: Piano Patterns, Compilation

Susan has contributed to the project ‘Piano Patterns‘ by Marco Lucchi.

The album is available at Marco’s Soundcloud:

And will also be available to listen on Spotify from 6th November

‘Piano Patterns’ features:

Marco Lucchi : piano, organ, tone generator and fx


Walter Fini : synthesizers and electronics
Henrik Meierkord : cello, viola and double bass
Mean Flow : keyboards
Pete Swinton : synthesizers and electronics
Filippo Panichi : electronics
M.Nomized : synthesizers and electronics
Lorenzo Santoro : clarinet and electronics
Antonio de Braga : drums
GLSmyth : synthesizers
Susan Matthews : electronics
Agnostura Elwar : electric guitar, bass guitar and voice
itwasthewires : modular synthesizers
Vanessa Pettendorfer : organ
Sisto Palombella : accordion and ‘whistle’
Rocco Saviano : electric guitar
Wilfried Hanrath : electronics