Susan Matthews, Solo Albums:

Siren_Wire69sleeve-small    SirenWire69, 2005

BRUISERsleevepic  Bruiser, 2006

hope-boundfront-websmall  Hope-Bound, 2007

TSAsleevepromopicweb-1  The Silent Architect, 2007

AV01web  Axis vein, 2008

shadowwalkerweb  In Search Of The Shadow Walker,

-_Whispering_Voidwebsmall   The Whispering Void,

Aloneinthefrontsmall  Alone In The Midnight Ocean,

AKisswebfrontsmall        A Kiss For The Umbrella Man,

SW100_Talesfrontsmall  Tales From The Forbidden Garden, 2012

raw_sonata_web_small  Raw Sonata, 2012,

monsters_front_web_small  Monsters (End Game),

In The Fragile Now (Coming soon…)



Compilation Albums:

Here Comes The End Of The World