The Martyrdom Of Agatha

Rejection Of The Prefect

Recension at the North Wall

Canon Of The Mass

Released: 5 May 2023

Catalogue Number SW128

CD / Download:

La D​é​rive

by Observation Point and Susan Matthews







Released: May 2023

CD / Download:

Lost In The Mist

The Fog Descends

In Icy Ryme

Shadows Reaching, Shadows Glimpsed

Akhlys In The Mist

The Withering

Released: 2 September 2022

Catalogue Number SW127

CD / Download:

Secrets And The Sea

The Scent Of The Sea

The Unravelling

Tidal Ghosts

Everything Left Behind

Released: 6 August 2022

Catalogue Number SW126

CD / Download:

Until These Is Silence

Released: 4 March 2021

Catalogue Number SW125


Remnants Of A Fractured Host: Vol.1 ‘The Fear Inside’

The Blood Harvest (The Fear Inside)

Butterflies (In Limbo)

My Name In Green Ginger

Slender Bridges

Keel Creatures


My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth (Limitless Version)


The Architect’s Demise (Alternate Version)

The Cartography Of Corrosion

Released: 6 November 2020

Catalogue Number SW124

CD / Download:

Between The Dream And The Waking…

The Silver Locket (Suspended Consciousness)

Mother Of Air (A Perfect Moment)

Crushed (Between The Dream And The Waking)

Lamentation Waltz (A Slow Dance To Death)

Released: 2 October 2020

Catalogue Number SW122

CD / Download:

…There Is Hope

A Dreamless Sleep

Untitled Thought No.3



Lamentation Waltz (The Longest Dance)

Released: 2 October 2020

Catalogue Number SW123

CD / Download:

Fisher Of Men

Fisher Of Men

Untitled Thought No.3 (In Stillness)

Lamentation Waltz

In The Shadow Of The Earth

Mother Of Air

Son Of Water

A Thought Made Flesh (for Mark)

The Silver Locket

Another Year Of Letting Go

Released: 8 April 2020

Catalogue Number SW121

CD / Download:

I Am In Pieces, Can You Hold Me Together?

Released: 12 March 2020

Catalogue Number SW120

CD / Download:

The Self-Harm Handbook

Holy Mess / My Grief


Bruised Hope

The Garden Of Ashes



The Bastard Rain

Blue Star Rising

Released: 22 October 2019

Catalogue Number SW119

CD / Download:

Here Comes The End Of The World (Music For Compilations, 2001-2016)

Botanical Rite No.1

Where Birds Come To Die


On A Theme Of Falling


Prague Soundtrack 2

Un Silence Dysfonctionnel (with Rainier Lericolais)

Sanctuary (with Clutter & Ann Wilson)

Moon Tremors

Dark Matter


Flinch (with Daniel Park)

Babies In My Dream

Keel Reverie



Time Will Leave Me Behind (Edit)

Ships Will Leave (with Clutter)

Keel (Impression)

The Lie That Never Asks Why

Numb (by The Window Tappers)

Well Done (by The Window Tappers)

Decembre (Part Two) (with Rainier Lericolais)


Bruises (by The Window Tappers)

My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth (Myrddin Mix)


A Rhythmic Brutality

Letters To The Sea

Quatre ‘Du Bout de la Pensee’

Deux ‘Du Coin de la Main’

Decembre (Part One) (with Rainier Lericolais)

Released: 21 December 2017

Catalogue Number SW115

CD / Download: